Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sun Dress Out Fit Of The Day!

Hey Ladies! I'm back today with a simple summer out fit of the day. What I have on is a blue floral printed sun dress. I also, just got my wedges in from In which I love, but they are a bit to big, because of my chunky wide feet. So I had to buy 1 size bigger. I love my chunky feet and if you have chunky feet you should love them as well :). Back to the wedges. They are super high with cream colored flowers on the top and they zip up in the back. In a pure white color. Next,  for jewelry I have on my daisy flower ring. Which I got at forever21. Some hello kitty stud earrings, and  a mixture of white silver and clear plastic bead bracelet. The purse I have is thrifted. I find it so adorable with the fringe hanging from it.  Lastly, I slicked my hair up into a high bun. Watch the video for more details and enjoy the pictures!


Bonus item:

I had my hair down for the first part of the day and this is the hat I wore.

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